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Former Skid Row drummer Phil Varone is hawking his latest product – a porn film. We reports that Phil stars in “Phil Varone’s Secret Sex Stash.”┬áThe adult film’s available online from Vivid Entertainment now.”Secret Sex Stash” follows Phil on his sexual exploits. The musician has famously said that he’s bedded over three thousands women.
“Sex has been the defining element in my life and both the movie and my website document my continuing extraordinary adventures,” says Varone, who notes that viewers of the movie online will see bonus footage and the site will be updated monthly with more scenes.
“Phil Varone’s Secret Sex Stash” takes the viewer inside the raucous sex life of the drummer for Saigon Kick, Skid Row and Prunella Scales. “Granted, it’s been pretty easy for me to meet many groupies along the way,” says Varone, “but I still feel a charge each time with each new girl. It’s a very personal, very explicit experience and never gets old,” he added. “This was the first time for me with the incredible five girls in the movie and I loved every minute I had with each of them.”
The movie also reflects Varone’s all-encompassing attitude toward sex. “I believe everyone should have sex with as many partners as possible, in as many ways as possible,” he says, noting that he and his fiance have an open relationship and enjoy sexual encounters with multiple lovers.

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